Valerie Hill, BS, CMAR, LATg

Valerie Hill


Program Leadership

Job Title

Managing Director of Campus Animal Care


As the Managing Director of Campus Animal Care, Ms. Hill is responsible for establishing standards of care for all animals housed on the University of Michigan campus. This includes the monitoring of physical plant and construction projects within facilities, as well as joint management of critical infrastructure projects affecting security and emergency response preparation(s) across campus.

As a member of the Animal Care & Use Program’s leadership team, she creates standard operating procedures to ensure proper animal care, assists in the training of animal care supervisors, consults with veterinary faculty and staff to help inform clinical decision-making and day-to-day facility operations, responds to facility inspection reports, and supervises U-M’s dedicated team of animal technicians, animal care supervisors, assistant managers, and AFSCME staff.

Professional Background

Prior to joining the University in 1998, Ms. Hill served as a Veterinary Assistant at two local animal hospitals, where she provided after-hours care to hospitalized animals, assisted in surgical operations, and performed a variety of diagnostic laboratory procedures, including x-rays, venopuncture, and microbiology.

Ms. Hill’s professional affiliations also include serving on, and chairing, a multitude of national American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) committees.