Additional Training Requirement for Hamster Users

September 29, 2020

Icon of clipboard with hamster training workshop checklistThe Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) recently adopted an additional training requirement ULAM-11110 Laboratory Hamster Workshop for all personnel listed as handling hamsters in an animal care and use protocol.

The workshop will further promote animal welfare by ensuring that all personnel are trained in the proper handling and restraint techniques for this specific species.

This addition will also align hamster training with the training associated with all other small animal species on campus (e.g., rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits), who also have a required workshop training component.

Animal care and use training is assigned in MLearning based on an individual’s animal handling details as outlined by the Principal Investigator (PI) in the animal care and use protocol.

Workshops must be completed within 60 days of assignment notification.

For a complete list of training assignments for all animal users, please refer to the U-M Animal Care & Use Training Requirements.

Need Assistance?

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