Advance Notice: Changes to DEA Form-222

February 3, 2020

DEA Logo over text banner reading changes to DEA Form-222The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is currently updating its Form 222, which is used to order Schedule I and II controlled substances, from a carbon-copied triplicate form to a single-page form. The older triplicate version of the form will slowly be phased out through October 30, 2021, after which they can no longer be used to place orders.

The single-page form must be used to obtain all Schedule I or II controlled substances after October 30, 2021. The new DEA Form 222 can be ordered now on the DEA website.

Individuals, including DEA registrants and their associated staff, who have Schedule I and/or Schedule II controlled substances listed on their research protocol(s) are able to submit requests for the official order forms.

Additional Information

A separate email notification will be sent to all U-M DEA registrants and their associated staff in September 2021 as a reminder to order the new single-page DEA Form 222s and to send back any remaining triplicate forms to the DEA.

Instructions for filling out the new single-page form are available here (via PDF download). Please refer to this document when placing your Schedule I or II orders, as directions have changed.

Questions or concerns should be directed to the U-M Office of Research (UMOR) Controlled Substances Monitoring Program at