In Anticipation of the AAALAC 2020 Site Visit

January 28, 2020

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As you may recall, the University of Michigan (U-M)’s last accreditation visit by AAALAC International occurred in July 2017.

Generally speaking, full AAALAC accreditation is granted at three-year intervals; therefore, our next re-accreditation visit will take place this Spring/Summer (e.g., May – July 2020).

AAALAC accreditation is critical to both the success of our Animal Care & Use (ACU) Program and to the larger U-M research enterprise. Full AAALAC accreditation demonstrates to our peers, collaborators, and funding agencies that the University adheres to the highest national and professional standards of excellence in animal care and use. It is also necessary for ensuring that our faculty members remain eligible for research funding from several external agencies. 

Beginning with this announcement, and leading up to and throughout the AAALAC 2020 Site Visit, you can expect to see increased communications to the entire research community, with an emphasis on ACU Program compliance, animal users’ occupational health and safety program practices, and overall readiness and engagement in the re-accreditation process.

Achieving and sustaining a culture of continued excellence does not happen overnight and cannot happen alone; it requires the steady attention, diligence, and commitment of each and every member of the U-M animal care and use community, supported by each and every laboratory and each and every Principal Investigator.

There are multiple ways you can get involved:

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Attend a Continuing Excellence: AAALAC 2020 Expectations and Insights Meeting co-hosted by U-M Institutional Official and Interim Vice President for Research Rebecca Cunningham, MD, and the Animal Care & Use Program leadership team to learn more about the upcoming site visit, including programmatic trends and insights, and expectations for participation and preparation.

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Bookmark the AAALAC webpage yellow lock icon (or paste into your web browser) for important news and updates, as well as preparation resources, leading up to the 2020 Site Visit. Please note: this page is on a protected portion of the ACU website (Level-1 U-M login required).

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Review and Disseminate Preparation Resources, including Quick Reference Sheets on trending topics within the ACU Program, newsletter articles and announcementslessons learned from semi-annual IACUC facility inspections, and more.


To get a head start on preparation...

We strongly encourage at least one member from each laboratory to attend an upcoming Continuing Excellence: Expectations & Insights Meeting to pick up an early preparedness packet, learn more about the Site Visit timeline and other opportunities for engagement, and share any questions or concerns you may have with the ACU Program leadership team.

Please continue to remain vigilant to email and newsletter announcements in the coming weeks and months as we share additional details about the upcoming Site Visit. We understand that your time is valuable, and acknowledge the high volume of emails you already receive at an institution of our size; thank you in advance for prioritizing these communications and for your continued commitment to strengthening and promoting a culture of sustained excellence in research, and in animal care and use, here at the University of Michigan.

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