Changes to PPE Requirements for Standard Nude/SCID Mouse Rooms and Rodent Containment Rooms

January 31, 2018

Green information iconWe understand that there may be some ongoing confusion regarding recent changes to the Animals Administered a Hazardous Substance Requiring Containment SOP and how these changes impact the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements in both standard Nude/SCID mouse rooms and in rodent containment housing rooms.

In partnership with Environment, Health & Safety experts, we have assessed that these new requirements provide the appropriate levels of protection for both staff and the animals under their care.

As a general rule, you will notice the biggest changes in donning of appropriate PPE:

Changes to donning of PPE
for standard housing of Nude/SCID mice **
Changes to donning of PPE
in rodent containment rooms
  • Individuals are no longer required to wear a hair bonnet or face mask unless working with Nude/SCID mice outside of a cage changing station

** Please note: MSRB users are still required to wear all PPE
when conducting cage changes on the benchtop

  • Individuals are no longer required to wear a hair bonnet or face mask in containment rooms when working with rodents
  • All PPE except for eye protection must be donned outside of the animal room when it is to be used inside of the room.


We are confident that these most recent changes will help simplify your research processes while still maintaining a safe and secure environment for both your animals and laboratory personnel.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian or your facility’s ULAM Husbandry Supervisor yellow lock icon with any additional questions or concerns.


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