DEA Announces Changes in Registration Renewal Notifications

January 27, 2017

Starting in January 2017, the DEA will no longer be mailing a second renewal notification letter to controlled substance registrants. Registrants will now receive the second renewal reminder at the email address on file with the DEA.

Important reminders about the DEA registration renewal policy:

  • If a registration is renewed on time prior to the expiration, the registrant may continue to use their already stored controlled substances until they receive the new registration in the mail.
  • If the registration is not renewed during the calendar month of expiration, then the researcher must apply for a new DEA registration.
  • State and federal law prohibit the acquisition, use, storage, and handling of controlled substances under an expired license and/or registration. Possession of a controlled substance without a valid state license and DEA registration could result in fines or criminal prosecution.

Please read the full DEA announcement outlining these changes. DEA research registrants can contact to check on the expiration date of their registration.