EHS Medical Surveillance Forms Now Completed in eRAM

March 27, 2017

Blank medical surveillance form iconEffective Monday, March 27, all EHS Medical Surveillance Forms for protocol personnel and other non-protocol relevant persons (e.g., ULAM husbandry staff) will be completed within the eRAM system.

The new module is expected to offer many benefits, including:

  • Eliminating the use of paper forms that must currently be faxed or emailed to EHS
  • Auto-captured receipt of a submitted EHS Medical Surveillance Form via eRAM
  • Decrease in OHS review times by using eRAM to automatically email all completed forms to the OHS Clinic
  • Adding a link to the new electronic, ready-to-complete EHS Medical Surveillance Form in pre-existing eRAM email notifications

EHS emails generated from eRAM will now contain a direct link to a blank Medical Surveillance Form that can be completed electronically. Upon clicking the link, you may see the eRAM login screen. Use your standard Level-1 login information to log in to the system and access the form.

You will NOT be able to share links from other people’s emails or fill out the form for another person. The link you receive via email is specific to you and your uniqname. 

A generic link to the form will also be available in eRAM for anyone who needs to complete a new EHS Medical Surveillance Form off-cycle. You will continue to receive a confirmation email from eRAM once your form has been received. You should expect this email confirmation within minutes of form submission as your response is now auto-recorded in the system.


An Important Reminder About Form Completion:

None of the information you enter directly into the form will be saved by eRAM or stored in the eRAM system; it is packaged in an email sent directly to the OHS Clinic. Therefore, you should complete and submit the form once you start it, as you will NOT be able to save and go back to it later.

If you would like to retain a copy of your responses, please take a screenshot of the form prior to submitting.



Updated instructions for completing the form will be provided in the automated emails generated by eRAM. Step-By-Step Procedures for Completing the EHS Medical Surveillance Form are also available for download.

Details about this new module are also outlined in eRAM’s Medical Surveillance Release Notes. Review a complete list of eRAM updates via eRAM’s Bi-Weekly Release Notes page.