eRAM Improvements and Updates

May 18, 2017

eRAM has made minor improvements and simplifications to both the Protocol Location and Euthanasia Page(s).

Picture of eRAM Release Notes on computer screen

Summary of Changes

  • Previously, questions on the Euthanasia Protocol Page did not list all of the specific rooms where euthanasia is performed, which prevented accurate reporting and often made it necessary to return to the Protocol Locations Page to re-select a specific location. This issue has been resolved with the deletion of three questions on the Euthanasia Page (including the Location chooser).
  • To increase data and reporting accuracy, while minimizing study team burden, two Yes/No questions were added to the Locations Page:
    • Euthanasia – Yes/No
    • If Euthanasia, CO2 – Yes/No

Due to some difficulties in data conversion, it was not possible to transfer answers from the removed Euthanasia Location questions to the new Locations questions. Therefore, you may need to re-complete these questions when submitting your next Scientific Amendment or Protocol Renewal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please contact your Research Compliance Associate in the Animal Care & Use Office for assistance with completing or amending an animal use protocol. A complete list of eRAM updates is available via eRAM’s Bi-Weekly Release Notes page.