Important Information About Animal-Related Projects in Re-Activated Wave 1 and Wave 2 Buildings

June 8, 2020

Green icon with outlined lab building and circular arrows showing research ramp-up

We want to thank you for your patience as plans for re-activating research operations have continued to evolve and take shape. We understand that this process may, at times, feel frustratingly slow.

However, our individual and collective diligence in adhering to all laboratory safety and social distancing guidelines during this ‘pilot’ phase of research re-engagement is more important than ever as the University considers when, how, and in what capacity, to move forward with the activation of additional units.

Vivarium re-engagement is dependent on the availability of all of the following:

  • Appropriate ULAM staffing levels
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for entry to the facility, as well as any additional protocol-specific PPE
    (i.e., for handling hazardous agents)
  • Disinfectants required for use on surfaces within the facilities


ANY individual who has been approved to re-engage in research activities in buildings designated for re-activation should review the applicable ULAM Research Re-Engagement and Vivaria Traffic Plans** PRIOR TO building re-entry.


As you review these plans, please pay special attention to the new outlined traffic patterns, donning of PPE, and sanitation practices. Amended traffic patterns in most facilities have been created to minimize the likelihood of individuals crossing paths in small corridors; as such, it is extremely important that all individuals follow the directional signage posted in each facility.


**Note that only personnel listed on active animal use protocols in the specific buildings
designated for re-activation in Waves 1 or 2 will have access to the protected links above.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have additional questions or concerns that are not addressed in the building-specific ULAM Research Re-Engagement and Vivaria Traffic Plans, please contact:

  Unit/Individual With questions about…
  Your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian
(or email for questions
that do NOT require immediate veterinary attention)
Veterinary animal care and/or clinical support
  ULAM Husbandry Management Team
Facilities and/or day-to-day husbandry operations
  ULAM Business Office
Billing, procurement, or animal ordering
  Animal Care & Use Office
Protocol approvals, amendments, and/or IACUC protocol reviews

We take our role as partners in your research very seriously and are committed to ensuring the highest standards of excellence in our service to the U-M research community and to the animals entrusted to our care.

Please continue to reach out to our team, on campus or remotely, for guidance and assistance on how we can best support your research during this uncertain time; we are here to help you and your team be successful.


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