IVAC, MMPC Offer Specialized Services and Support for Metabolic Disease and Diabetes-Related Mouse Models

October 4, 2018

Image of black mouse with ULAM IVAC logo overlayThe In-Vivo Animal Core (IVAC) and Gnotobiotic Facility, part of the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM), are participants in the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC) at the University of Michigan.

Funded by NIH Grant Number U2CDK110768, the Michigan MMPC
is one of six centers in a larger NIH-funded national consortium offering standardized, high-quality metabolic and physiologic phenotyping services.

U-M investigators requesting research services that relate to mouse models of diabetes, diabetic complications, obesity, and related metabolic diseases and conditions may be eligible for supplemental support for qualified tests and services provided through IVAC and Gnotobiotic Facilities.

To discuss the specific needs of your research project, or for more information about MMPC services, please contact:

Animal Care & Germ-Free Mouse Core (visit website)

Focus Director Email Phone Number
Gateway for all phenotyping
involving live mice; providing mouse importation, quarantine, housing, veterinary care, clinical chemistry
and histopathology services.

Robert Sigler, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Robert C. Dysko, DVM, DACLAM

Kathryn A. Eaton, PhD, DVM, DACVP

Dr. Robert Sigler,
Core Director

(734) 647-0731

Metabolism, Bariatric Surgery & Behavior Core (visit website)

Focus Director Email Phone Number
Performs a variety of in-vivo physiological assessments encompassing glucose
homeostasis, energy homeostasis, ultradian hormone secretion
and behavioral measurements,
and generation of bariatric
surgery models.

Malcolm Low, MD, PhD

Nathan Qi, PhD

Randy Seeley, PhD

Melanie Schmitt,
Lab Manager

(734) 764-7043

Microvascular Complications Core (visit website)

Focus Director Email Phone Number
Provides a complete range
of microvascular phenotpying
of murine models of diabetes,
obesity and metabolic disease; including validated, reproducible,
and standardized phenotyping
of the three major microvascular complications: diabetic polyneuropathy, nephropathy,
and retinopathy.

Eva Feldman, MD, PhD

David Antonetti, PhD

Jeffrey Hodgin, MD, PhD

Dr. Cheng-mao Lin,
Core Coordinating Manager

(734) 232-8220

Microbiome Core (visit website)

Focus Director Email Phone Number

Analyzes microbiome structure
in mouse models of disease and cultivates microbes to permit hypothesis testing in murine
models, including germ-free mice.

Vincent Young, MD, PhD

Patrick Schloss, PhD

Thomas Schmidt, PhD

Michael Dority,
Microbiome Research Administrator

(734) 764-3016


Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers logoAdditional information about each MMPC core, including how to submit a request for services, is available on the MMPC website. Information about ULAM’s In-Vivo Animal Core, including a full list of available services, sample submission forms, and sample drop-off details, is available on the IVAC webpage.