Looking for High Compliance Confidence? The QA Team Can Help!

June 10, 2021

Purple QA teamwork iconThe Quality Assurance Team (QA) is a resource designed to instill a feeling of high compliance confidence in your laboratory!

Did you know?

  A meeting with the QA is…   A meeting with the QA is NOT…



Designed to minimize burden

Aimed at facilitating compliance


An inspection

Focused on identifying noncompliance

A laundry list of items for the laboratory to complete







Contact the QA Team today and take advantage of the many services offered!

A standard meeting includes:

  • An open discussion of individual concerns regarding the Animal Care & Use Program;
  • Discussions concerning the regulations, policies, and guidelines applicable to an individual’s research;
  • Assistance in preparing for regulatory inspections;
  • Identification and resolution of protocol deviations through education and/or protocol amendments;
  • Amendment submission on behalf of the PI to increase clarity, flexibility, and consistency within the protocol; and/or
  • Assistance in finding resolutions to difficulties specific to individual laboratories.

Additional services offered upon request include:

  • Training and materials necessary to complete regular self-audits aimed at preventing noncompliance (This is the number one way to prevent protocol noncompliance!);
  • Pre-review (prior to submission) of new protocols, protocol renewals, and amendments to facilitate a faster IACUC review;
  • Presentations (for departments or individual laboratories) on regulations in animal research and how compliance facilitates research; and/or
  • A comprehensive evaluation of laboratory practices.


Questions or visit requests can be submitted via email to the QA Team at ACU-QATeam@med.umich.edu. Questions and requests may also be submitted to a specific Quality Assurance SpecialistWe look forward to hearing from you soon!