New eRAM Tools and Resources for Semi-Annual Facility Inspections

February 28, 2017

Inspection Notifications and Reminders Now in eRAM

Arrow and time clock iconTo help simplify the semi-annual inspection process, the IACUC recently announced a standardized inspection schedule. Moving forward, the IACUC will conduct all semi-annual inspections in the Spring and Fall (i.e., March and September). As part of these efforts, inspection schedules and reminders are now sent to PI/Study Team members based on the buildings/rooms they are assigned to as outlined on animal use protocol(s) in eRAM.

Inspection notices and reminders are automatically sent by eRAM at 6-week, 2-week, and 4-day intervals leading up to the assigned inspection date.

When reviewing the inspection schedule, please note that inspection time frames are approximate and will start in SPF and housing areas. This will be altered if there are contaminations. The following also applies:

  • For ULAM housing locations, only ULAM husbandry supervisors and IACUC inspectors will inspect
  • For approved housing outside the vivarium, the facility manager or PI are required to be present with IACUC inspectors
  • For laboratory areas where live vertebrate animals are used, having a lab representative present for the inspection is highly recommended
  • During facility inspections, inspectors must be provided access to locked cabinets, drawers, and storage areas that potentially store drugs and medical materials.

If you have any questions or concerns about these inspections, please contact the Animal Care & Use Office at or (734) 763-8028.

Facility Inspection Module Available in eRAM March 1

inspection checklist iconOn Wednesday, March 1, eRAM will launch a new Facility Inspection Module to help standardize the communications processes surrounding semi-annual inspections. The module aims to:

  • Automate the Facility Inspection tracking process
  • Create a mechanism to collect data regarding Facility Findings and Deficiencies that can be used for more detailed and transparent reporting and analysis
  • Provide an automated process for pre-visit reminder emails (see article above)

As part of the new module, those responsible for addressing a facility inspection deficiency will now be assigned a Deficiency Action Item in eRAM. That individual will also use the eRAM system to communicate the status of the Action Item to the Animal Care & Use Office. Individuals will receive a detailed email notification from eRAM when they are assigned a Deficiency Action Item.

For more information, please review the eRAM Facility Inspection Module Summary Release Notes. Additional instructions on how to complete these new processes in the system are also available in the Step-By-Step Action Plan Details and Complete Facility Inspection Deficiency Action Instructions.

A complete list of eRAM updates can be reviewed via eRAM's Bi-Weekly Release Notes. Specific questions or concerns about semi-annual inspections should be directed to the Animal Care & Use Office at or (734) 763-8028.