Overview of Recent Guideline Updates

November 1, 2017

Green information iconThe following guidelines have been updated as of Wednesday, November 1. For your convenience, a small summary outlining key changes to each document is included below:

  • Guidelines on the Performance of Surgery in Non-Rodent Mammals – The guidelines have undergone a substantial review in an effort to make the information contained within more consistent and clear. Areas that have received major updates include:
    • Personnel Preparation Information for Major and Minor Survival Surgeries (Section 3.e)
    • Related Documents section now includes links to all relevant species Anesthesia and Analgesia Guidelines (Section 4) for quicker access
  • Guidelines on Zebrafish Care and Veterinary Oversight – A new document that clearly defines the minimum standards of care for zebrafish colonies. As an official “Program Guideline,” any requests to provide less than the outlined minimum standards must be clearly outlined in animal use protocols and, as such, are subject to review and approval by the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee.
  • Guidelines for Rats and Mice Euthanasia Procedures for Investigative Personnel – In an effort to reduce regulatory burden and consolidate information, the Policy on Rodent Euthanasia Via Carbon Dioxide Overdose will be retired and integrated with the existing guidelines. All information pertaining to rat and mice euthanasia, including general procedures, primary and secondary methods, and carcass disposal can now be found in these guidelines.
  • Guidelines on Mouse and Rat Breeding and Housing Management – The guidelines were recently updated to include procedures for the management of fighting mice. This update replaces the now-retired Policy on Management of Fighting and Fight Wounds in Mice.

Questions or concerns about these or other animal care and use guidelines should be directed to your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian. General questions can also be submitted to ULAM at ulam-questions@umich.edu or (734) 764-0277.