Renew Before It's Due: Continuing Education Re-Certification

November 6, 2017

Re-certification training lightbulbEarlier this year, the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) announced that it was expanding the animal care and use training program to include continuing education.

Continuing Education entails a three-year expiration date for all IACUC required online animal care and use training, and applies to ULAM online training classes in the areas of:

  • Orientation to Animal Care & Use at the University of Michigan
  • Introduction to Species
  • Survival Surgery
  • Hazard Containment
  • Animal Room Procedures

To ensure that individuals remain knowledgeable of advancements in laboratory animal science and apprised of important updates to the policies and practices of the U-M Animal Care & Use Program, research personnel will now be prompted to “recertify,” or retake, online training every three years.

Renew Before It’s Due

Online training ready for re-certification will show in your MLearning Learning Plan as early as six months before it is due. View IACUC required training due in your Learning Plan here:

Tell Others to Renew, Too

Principal Investigators and Laboratory Contacts are encouraged to monitor IACUC training requirements for their protocol through Protocol Training Reports in eRAM, steps here: New protocols, amendments, and protocol renewals will be approved once personnel have completed all required online training.

If you have any questions or concerns about animal care and use training, please contact the ULAM Training Core at or (734) 763-8039.