Review Policies and Resources that Promote Personnel, Animal Safety

April 27, 2017

Animal care and use personnel donning full PPE in biohazard roomEnsuring the health and safety of our program personnel, while continuing to improve upon the humane and responsible care of animals, is critical to the success of our Animal Care & Use Program.

All faculty and staff involved in animal care and use are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following policies pertaining to personal protective equipment (PPE), the use of hazards in animal activities, and hygiene requirements for conducting animal activities:

Please read all posted signage to ensure that you and your staff are following the proper procedures for protecting both yourself and the animals under our care.

Visits by any non-U-M individuals to areas where animals may be present should be planned and approved well in advance. Visitors should be accompanied by a credentialed U-M employee at all times during the visit and should obey all posted safety requirements (goggles, gloves, lab coats, etc.).

For your convenience, and for the safety of facility visitors, the Animal Care & Use Program has worked in close partnership with the Department of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) to develop a brochure on the occupational hazards and safety concerns associated with animal care facilities. Brochures are available for download from the Animal Use & Occupational Safety webpage and can be found in all major animal facility entry points across campus.

Specific questions about any of the policies listed above should be directed to the Animal Care & Use Office at or (734) 763-8028. Safety and environmental health concerns should be directed to EHS at (734) 647-1143 or