ULAM Relaunches Program for Rat Donation and Redistribution

December 10, 2020

Icon showing two hands holding a ratAs part of our long-standing commitment to the 3Rs principles of biomedical research, the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) is pleased to announce the return of the Animal/Rodent Redistribution Program.

If you have worked with rats at the University of Michigan in the past decade you have likely heard of this Program (formerly the “Rat Recycling Program”), which was on a short hiatus.

Coordinated by ULAM, the Program is a free-to-donate, free-to-transfer method for U-M investigators to obtain naïve rats for research studies. Study teams interested in either donating their naïve rats to the Program or receiving rats from the Program should complete the Animal Redistribution Intake Form.

Investigators wishing to receive animals must have prior IACUC approval for the number and species of animal(s) requested. Please note that, at this time, the Program is only supporting rat redistribution.

Learn More

Additional information about the Program can be found on the Animal Husbandry & Housing webpage. Questions should be directed to Program Coordinator Renee Jehmlich at ulam-rrp@umich.edu.