Upcoming Changes to Eyewash Monthly Checks at NCRC

December 7, 2021

Picture of eyewash stations NOT included in new requirement that NCRC labs complete monthly checksEffective January 1, 2022, the required task of monthly eyewash checks for most eyewash devices in NCRC labs will be the responsibility of lab occupants to perform.

The exceptions will be those units (examples pictured at right) that are a combination eyewash/shower station or are a recessed, in-wall style and use a custom device to perform the monthly checks.
The devices that will continue to be checked by Medical School Facilities (MSF) will have a blue MSF sticker placed on the tag (see picture below for example).

Any device with a tag that does not have the blue MSF sticker will be the responsibility of the lab to check. 

This change brings consistency to the process of checking these devices across Medical School buildings and will help ensure that end users have familiarity with these important health and safety devices.
Picture of eyewash station tag with blue MSF sticker indicating that facilities will continue to check deviceBeginning with the January 2022 monthly checks, lab occupants will need to perform the functions listed on the “Eyewash Monthly Check” tag (that doesn’t have a blue MSF sticker) and then place their initials in the box adjacent to the appropriate month once the monthly check has been completed.

As indicated on the tag, any mechanical problems or missing/broken components will need to be called in for repair to the Facilities Service Center at (734) 647-2059.
Please note that this change will not impact the current Clinical Pathology eyewash service model.


Questions about performing monthly eyewash checks should be directed to Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Representative Shannon Weger at sweger@umich.edu or (734) 763-3514.