Updates to “Yellow” Hazardous Waste Label Used in Labs

October 22, 2020

Sample of updated yellow hazardous waste label for use in labs – Updated October 2020As a result of recent changes to the Michigan Chemical Waste Regulations, the department of Environment, Health & Safety Hazardous Materials Management Program (EHS-HMM) has updated the “yellow” hazardous waste label(s) used in laboratories.

Specific changes that may impact laboratories generating waste include:

  • A new requirement to select hazardous characteristic(s) for waste. Identifying this information will provide emergency responders with appropriate guidance in the event of a spill
  • An accumulation start date no longer needs to be recorded on chemical waste containers unless directed to do so by EHS-HMM

Download a sample label (or click on the image to the right) to see all highlighted changes.

Note that arrangements for waste collection should still be made as soon as it is practical to do so.


Please call EHS-HMM at (734) 763-4568 with any questions or concerns, or if you would like to order the new labels.