Ashley Duval, AAAS, RLATG

Ashley Duval, AAAS, RLATG


Research Compliance

Job Title

Research Compliance Associate, Animal Care & Use Office


In her role as a Research Compliance Associate (RCA) in the Animal Care & Use Office, Ashley assists both Principal Investigators (PIs) and laboratory staff with shepherding their animal use protocols through the eRAM system, provides guidance on how to remain compliant with policies and procedures, and ensures that investigators feel supported in both their research and commitment to the humane and responsible care and use of animals.

She is specifically responsible for providing support to Principal Investigators with last names beginning:

  • M - R

Professional Background

  • Four years of experience as an Animal Care Supervisor, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)
  • Eight years of experience as an Animal Technician, ULAM
  • Three years of experience as a Research Associate, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Phone: (734) 764-9122