Courtney Hunter, PhD, DVM

Courtney Hunter, PhD, DVM


ULAM Resident

Job Title

Resident, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)


Dr. Hunter began her career in research as an undergraduate studying the evolution of the human diet and volunteering at the Duke University Lemur Center. She learned about lab animal medicine during the first year of her dual degree DVM/PhD program at Mississippi State University where she studied physiologic and molecular mechanisms of equine asthma as a model for severe, adult asthma.

During veterinary school, she founded Mississippi State’s first American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners (ASLAP) chapter. Additionally, she was one of the veterinary student recipients of a scholarship to attend the Charles River Laboratories Short Course and traveled to several lab animal externships at various institutions.



Dr. Hunter’s research interests include animal welfare and translatability of animal models. 

Professional Background

  • PhD, Mississippi State University, 2018
  • DVM, Mississippi State University, 2017
  • Certificate in Computational Biology, Mississippi State University, 2013
  • BA (Evolutionary Anthropology), Duke University, 2010
  1. Swiderski C, Hunter, C, Bowser J, Costa L, Cooley A, Claude A, Eddy A, Bright L. Deciphering the Role of Bronchial Hyper-Responsiveness in Equine Pasture Asthma. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 2017; 52: 29-35.