Michael Ream, LAT, ALAT

Mike Ream, LAT, ALAT


Quality Assurance
Research Compliance

Job Title

Quality Assurance Specialist, Animal Care & Use Office


In his role as a Quality Assurance Specialist in the Animal Care & Use Office, Mike is responsible for:

  • Conducting Quality Assurance (QA) visits with investigators to improve their compliance confidence,
  • Assisting both PIs and laboratory staff with shepherding their animal use protocols through the eRAM system,
  • Identifying impediments to the conduct of sound research, and
  • Serving as an advocate and educational resource for the U-M research community.

Professional Background

  • Two years experience as a Research Compliance Associate (RCA), Animal Care & Use Office (ACUO)
  • Three months of administrative experience, ACUO
  • Five years of experience as an Animal Care Supervisor, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)
  • Five years of experience as an Animal Care Technician, ULAM
  • Three years of experience as a farm hand, Michigan State University


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Phone: (734) 764-9122