Noel B. Ramsey, MS, CPIA, LVT, LATG


Quality Assurance
Research Compliance

Job Title

Quality Assurance Specialist, Animal Care & Use Office

Additional Titles

PI Advocate, Animal Care & Use Program


As a Quality Assurance Specialist in the Animal Care & Use Office, Noel is responsible for conducting quality assurance reviews of animal research activities and identifying new process improvements to minimize regulatory burden on Principal Investigators (PIs) and their study teams.

As the PI Advocate, Noel also:

  • Provides personal service to new PIs and¬†those PIs needing extra assistance with protocols
    and compliance-related processes
  • Provides individualized problem solving for PIs with continuing issues and concerns
  • Works with faculty to address areas of regulatory burden

Professional Background

  • Eight years of regulatory compliance experience, Animal Care & Use Office
  • Three years experience as a Research Scientist/Clinical Research Coordinator, Animal Blood Resources, Intl.
  • 15 years of experience as a Senior Associate Scientist/Associate Scientist (CNS Biology, Psychatric Disorders, Vascular and Cardiac Diseases), Pfizer/Warner - Lambert
  • Two years experience as an Assistant Scientist, University of Michigan Internal Medicine


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Phone: (734) 764-2187