Implementation Date for Use of New Breeding Sheets

June 1, 2018 12:00 AM
Applicable to all labs who breed their own research animals, including all species that are barcoded and bred in-house

New breeding sheet with reminder icon denoting June 1 effective dateIn an effort to be more transparent and accurate in our reporting to the NIH and OLAW, we will begin accounting for all animals bred for research, including those culled or used prior to weaning, via new breeding sheets effective June 1, 2018.

Our current processes only deduct animals from an approved animal use protocol when the animals are ordered, transferred, or weaned; however, this does NOT accurately reflect all animals bred for research. The new breeding sheets include additional columns (pictured right) not only for weaned animals but also for young animals that were euthanized or died prior to weaning. Recording this additional information will now allow us to capture more accurate animal numbers for reporting purposes.

Questions or Concerns? 

If you have any immediate questions or concerns about how the new breeding sheets may impact your research, please consult with your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian.

Questions about how to adjust the animal use numbers on your protocol to account for these changes should be directed to your Research Compliance Associate in the Animal Care & Use Office.