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Transporting Animals

Whether receiving animals from an approved vendor or transferring animals from another institution, the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) provides a multitude of facilities, equipment, and services to assist study teams with proper animal transport – including import and export.

Information on ordering animals from approved commercial vendors to be shipped to the U-M can be found on the Animal Ordering & Acquisition page.

Receiving animals from non-commercial vendors and other institutions

Study teams who wish to have animals shipped to the University of Michigan from other institutions or non-commercial (approved) vendors should contact the ULAM Rodent Health Surveillance Team at or (734) 936-1699 at least two weeks in advance of their desired delivery date.

In order to begin the process of importing animals, the Principal Investigator (PI) or designated laboratory staff member must submit a Shipping Form (Import) via the eResearch Animal Management (eRAM) system.

On average, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete a domestic shipment once the Shipping Form has been submitted in eRAM. This process takes longer for international shipments.

All rodents shipped to the U-M from non-approved vendors and/or other institutions must be quarantined for approximately three weeks to avoid the possible introduction of infectious agents to the University’s rodent colonies. Animals in quarantine are tested for viral, bacterial, and parasitic agents.

If animals test positive for rodent viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections while in quarantine, they must be treated for the infection and, if appropriate, re-derived by embryo transfer via the Transgenic Animal Model Core or used in non-survival experiments.

The same is true for rodents that are known to be positive at the time of shipment to U-M. Accordingly, ULAM Veterinary Staff strongly discourages investigators from acquiring research animals with known rodent viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections.

Investigators are responsible for paying all quarantine-associated costs, including technician time, laboratory testing, and per-diems. Once the animals are released from quarantine, ULAM will transfer them to the appropriate animal housing room.

All rodents shipped internationally to the U-M must have a negative test for Ectromelia virus, the causative agent of Mousepox. Please note that rodents who test positive for Ectromelia virus, or that have not been tested, will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Transporting animals on campus

To facilitate the movement of animals and equipment across campus, ULAM operates a temperature-controlled truck that can assist with the following:

  • Delivery of animals received at the ULAM Dock to other buildings on campus
  • Transfer of animals and/or equipment between buildings
  • Pickup of animals shipped to Detroit Metro Airport

A minimum 48-hour notice is required for all trips. Study teams are charged for truck driver labor (hourly, in 15-minute increments) and mileage for these services.

ULAM Truck Rates




ULAM Truck Labor Rate/Hour

$ 33.68


ULAM Truck Labor Rate/Hour Overtime

$ 50.52


ULAM Truck Mileage/Per Mile

$ 2.90


*Rates subject to change.

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