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The University uses multiple web-based, interactive systems for managing animal use protocols and delivering required training on a variety of subjects pertaining to animal care and use. All individuals who work with animals at the U-M will be required to access these systems in order to complete their work and/or requisite training.

Specific information on how to use these systems, including how to request access, is outlined below:

eResearch Animal Management (eRAM) System

The U-M uses a web-based system called eResearch Animal Management (eRAM) for managing the submission, review, and approval of all applications/protocols involving the use of vertebrate animals. This system is also used for animal requisitions, invoicing, and census management.

All staff who will be required to use eRAM as part of their animal care and use work are strongly encouraged to take training courses PRIOR TO using the system. At a minimum, anyone using eRAM should complete the eRAM 101: eRAM Applications course in My LINC.

Additional training and reference materials are also available on the eRAM Training website.

If you would like to know more about how to access this system, please visit the eRAM page on our website or contact the Animal Care & Use Office at or (734) 763-8028.

Learning Management System (Cornerstone Learning)

All animal care and use training classes provided through the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) Training Core are found in Cornerstone Learning. Personnel are assigned classes in Cornerstone Learning based on the animal handling details submitted in the animal use protocol by the Principal Investigator.

Individuals who have been listed on a protocol will automatically have a Cornerstone Learning account created for them using their existing U-M login credentials. Additional login instructions and details about assigned training classes will be sent via email notification.

Additional training and reference materials are also available on the eRAM Training website.

Specific questions about accessing Cornerstone Learning for ULAM-related training should be directed to the ULAM Training Core at or (734) 763-8039.

If you encounter technical difficulties accessing the system or do not know your U-M login credentials, please contact the HITS Service Desk at (734) 763-7770.

U-M Learning & Information Center (My LINC)

The University uses the U-M Learning and Information Center (My LINC) as an integrated, web-based training tool for a variety of systems, including training staff on Information and Technology Services. Although not required, all staff who will use eRAM as part of their animal care and use work are strongly encouraged to take an introductory course on how to use the system PRIOR TO logging in.

The eRAM 101: eRAM Applications course can be found in the My LINC system. My LINC can generally be accessed by anyone with U-M login credentials and a valid business purpose to do so.

Once logged in to the system, click the appropriate Category or Subcategory in the Catalog section, or enter keyword(s) in the search box to find the course you are looking for.

In addition to training about eRAM, My LINC also offers courses on topics including occupational safety and environmental health, research administration, and research ethics and compliance.

Questions or concerns about My LINC access should be directed to U-M’s Information & Technology Services (ITS) Team at (734) 764-4357 or

eRAM Reference Materials

Find detailed instructions for common eRAM tasks.

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Cornerstone Learning Login

All ULAM animal training classes can be found in Cornerstone Learning.

cornerstone login

ULAM Training Assistance

Contact the ULAM Training Core via email or phone at (734) 763-8039.

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