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Breeding Colony

The Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) Breeding Colony provides administrative, technical, and husbandry services to investigators who do not have the time, facilities, or resources to manage their own breeding colony.

Although genetically engineered mice are available from commercial vendors, including Jackson Laboratory, Charles River, and ENVIGO, many U-M investigators require additional assistance to maintain their breeding colonies on campus.

The Breeding Colony currently supports over 70 investigators and manages 350+ various strains of genetically engineered and severe combined immuno deficient (SCID) mice through its operation of a Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) barrier environment.

Users must have an approved animal use protocol from the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) prior to utilizing Breeding Colony services.

SCID Colony Information

In order to maintain a SCID colony similar to those offered by commercial vendors, breeder replacement mice must be purchased 2โ€“3 times per year. The frequency of breeder replacement(s) is dependent upon strain and colony size. If a SCID colony is shared between two different laboratories, it is expected that each laboratory shares in the responsibility for purchasing replacement breeders.

All breeding cages are given acidified water (pH ~2.5โ€“3.0) to protect the breeders from opportunistic bacteria. All SCID colonies are also tested monthly for C. bovis.

About the ULAM Breeding Colony

Typical services offered by the Breeding Colony include:

  • Setting up breeding consorts
  • Maintaining breeding records
  • Weaning litters
  • Animal identification
  • Tissue collection (genotyping purposes)
  • Scheduling timed pregnancy/checking copulation plug

Breeding Colony Husbandry Per-Diem Rates

Mice โ€“ Breeding Colony Ventedper cage$ 2.0601/01/2024
Mice โ€“ Breeding Colony Staticper cage$ 2.3301/01/2024
Rat โ€“ Breeding Colonyper cage$ 2.4301/01/2024

Breeding Colony Husbandry Hourly Labor Rates

Husbandry Technician Labor Rate/Hour$ 38.8801/01/2023
Husbandry Technician Labor Rate/Hour Overtime$ 58.3201/01/2023

*Rates subject to change.

Information on other types of animal housing, including containment housing and the ULAM Immunodeficient Mouse Facility, can be found on the Animal Husbandry & Housing page.


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