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Technical Services

The Technical Services Team, part of the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM), is committed to helping the U-M research community advance projects that benefit both human and animal health by providing high-quality technical services, support, and training for a variety of research needs.

Working in close partnership with researchers to first understand the desired scientific outcomes of a study, members of the experienced Technical Services Team can offer a wide range of procedural services and support to fit the unique research goals of the lab while ensuring animal welfare.

Rodent Services* Provided Include:

  • Blood/tissue collection
  • Animal monitoring (tumor size, clinical scoring)
  • Compound administration (oral gavage, injection, topical)
  • Animal identification and genotyping
  • Other measurements as requested

Requesting Support

To request support from the ULAM Technical Services Team, labs must submit a Technical Services Request Form.

Technicians are available Monday โ€“ Friday between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Services are provided via competitive recharge rates billed on an hourly basis.

*Current rodent service offerings primarily include mice and rats. If you would like to inquire about technical support services for other species, please contact the ULAM Technical Services Team.

Request Technical Services

Request support from our team of highly-trained Technical Support Technicians.

complete and submit the technical services request form

About ULAM Technical Services


Ensure that the protocol procedures are accurate and complete for the services that you would like the Technical Services Technicians to perform.


Submit a Technical Services RequestA minimum of two weeksโ€™ notice is required in advance of the requested service date (see additional details in Hours of Operation below).


Once your request has been submitted, a member of the Technical Services Team will schedule a meeting with your lab to review and confirm the details of the submission.


After meeting with your lab, the Technical Services Team will handle subsequent communication, coordination, and scheduling of the requested services. Applicable charges will be billed monthly after the services have been completed.

Technical Services’ hours of operation are Monday โ€“ Friday, 7:00 AM โ€“ 4:00 PM. Please note that weekend and holiday hours are currently unavailable.

If you have a service/procedure scheduled for a weekend or holiday, a member of the Technical Services Team can provide training to personnel on the procedure to be performed a minimum of a week in advance of the scheduled service time. No additional service fee will apply.

Technical services are billed on an hourly recharge basis. Applicable charges will be billed monthly after services have been completed.

Technical Services Ratesโ€ก

ULAM Technical Services Technician Hourly Rates




Technical Services Technician Labor/Hour Regular

$ 60.00


Technical Services Technician Labor/Hour Overtime

$ 90.00


โ€กRates subject to change.

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