Anesthetic Machine Certification & Rental

Animal care and use facility with equipmentThe University is committed to ensuring both the health and safety of our personnel, as well as all animals under our care. To that end, the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) requires that manual assessments of anesthetic machines and vaporizers be conducted at yearly intervals.

The Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) is responsible for coordinating an anesthetic certification company’s visits to the University of Michigan to conduct inspections on a quarterly basis. Campus visits occur in March, June, September, and December of each year. As part of their visit, the certification company will verify machine calibration and provide servicing to anesthetic machines for laboratories.

How to Schedule Certification and Servicing

Emails announcing upcoming certification dates are sent out one month in advance to all investigators who have listed the use of inhalation anesthetics on their IACUC-approved protocol.

If you are interested in having ULAM coordinate the servicing of machine(s) on your behalf, please download and submit the Anesthetic Machine Service Authorization Form. Prior to completing the Authorization Form, please review the associated fees for unit inspection and repair.

Investigators are not required to utilize the ULAM service in order to comply with the IACUC policy. If desired, investigators can independently contract with an appropriate vendor to provide the service as outlined in the IACUC policy.

For more information, please review the Policy on Maintaining Anesthetic Machines and Vaporizers.

Gas Anesthesia Machine Rental

ULAM also maintains a pool of gas anesthetic machines that investigators may rent for use in their procedures. The machines are suitable for use with most species, including small rodents. The machine is supplied full of isoflurane and with oxygen tanks when rented out. An induction chamber, F/Air canister (for gas scavenge), and instructions on operation are also provided.

Rentals are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact to reserve a machine, or for any questions regarding rental equipment.

Please note that only isoflurane vaporizers are used.


Unless otherwise requested, ULAM will process all charges incurred by labs associated with the ULAM Anesthetic Machine Inspection Program. With the exception of Veterinary Technician Labor, our vendor (Vetamac) sets all rates for anesthetic machine servicing and inspection(s).

ULAM Servicing, Certification, & Rental Rates  
Gas Anesthesia Machine Rental $  36.21 per day 01/01/2023
Gas Anesthesia Machine Rental – Overnight $  18.11 01/01/2023
Veterinary Technician Labor Rate – Anesthesia Machine Certification & Servicing  Varies depending on time spent on service,
but usually ~ $30.00 per machine
Vetamac Servicing, Certification, & Rental Rates  
Anesthetic delivery system and vaporizer with no sodasorb canister
or breathing head. This includes a traditional, single station rodent anesthesia unit
$  136.00 08/03/2023
Anesthetic delivery system and vaporizer with breathing circuit
and sodasorb canister
$  270.00 08/03/2023
Minor repairs performed at the time of inspection Varies 08/03/2023
Non-compact rodent machines such as surgivet (multiple stations) $  172.00 08/03/2023
Loaner vaporizer while one is being repaired $  90.00 08/03/2023
Vaporizer calibration and major repair (must be done offsite)  $  325.00 – $ 500.00 08/03/2023
Service charge for Vetamac to come to campus $  218.00 per day.
Charge is divided by number of labs
requesting the service.
Usually ~ $15.00 – $ 25.00 per lab


Rates subject to change.

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