Budget Consultation & Billing Inquiries

Principal Investigators meet to review research proposal budgets while looking at laptopManaging the many complexities of your research project can be challenging enough without worrying about the financial aspects associated with animal care and use.

That’s why the ULAM Business Office is available to assist investigators and support staff with the questions and concerns about budgeting, billing, and per-diem rates.

Budget Consultation

If you’d like assistance with planning the budget for your next project proposal, ULAM can:

Billing Inquiries

The University tracks many of the costs associated with day-to-day animal care and use through a barcoding system, which is primarily managed through the eResearch Animal Management System (eRAM). Billing for the costs associated with the purchase of animals and supplies, daily care of animals, technical assistance, and specialized research support services are billed monthly to departmental or investigator accounts.

Specific information about ULAM rates, including current per-diem rates for animal husbandry, animal acquisition, and research support services, can be found on the Rates page. For details on how to access eRAM, please visit our eRAM page. Additional information about how barcoding is used to keep track of animals in our facilities is available on the Animal Ordering & Acquisition page.


Questions about billing, budget consultations, or requests for billing information should be directed to the ULAM Business Office at ulam-finance@umich.edu or (734) 764-0277.