Germ-Free Mouse Facility

Researcher in germ-free mouse facility conducting health checkEstablished in 2004, the germ-free mouse facility, part of the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine, provides services to the entire University of Michigan community and can also ship germ-free mice to locations worldwide. 

Primary and collaborative research projects include studies investigating inflammatory bowel disease and cancer, host microbiome interactions, infectious disease pathogenesis, and mammalian and bacterial metabolism, among others. The staff also performs research and training in gnotobiotic technology and methods.

A complete list of recent publications that include U-M’s Germ-Free Mouse Facility can be found on PubMed.

Users must have an approved animal use protocol from the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee prior to utilizing Germ-Free Mouse Facility services and facilities.

Germ-free white mouseMice can be used in our facility or shipped to other facilities in germ-free shipping containers.

Available strains include:

  • C57BL/6
  • BALB/c
  • Swiss-Webster (outbred)
  • IL-10 knockout (B6.129P2-Il10tm1Cgn/J)
  • Others may be available upon request

Several varieties of germ-free and barrier housing are available:


  • Trexler-type soft-sided isolators can be used for breeding colonies and long-term germ-free or gnotobiotic housing


  • Microisolator cages can be kept sterile in biosafety cabinets for short-term experiments
  • Individual Isocages ® (Tecniplast) can maintain germ-free or gnotobiotic conditions for long-term experimentsGerm-free mouse facility housing options
  • Laboratory technician performing husbandry health check in germ-free mouse facilityInoculation (oral and parenteral)
  • Sample collections, including:
    • Blood
    • Tissue
    • Feces
    • Body weights
    • Necropsy and tissue collection
  • Technical consultation
  • Other services may be available on request
  • Isocage housing rack in germ-free mouse facilityRe-derivation of new germ-free strains
  • Consultation:
    • Experimental design
    • Pathology services
    • Histologic interpretation

Contract services may also be available.

Please contact or call (734) 615-9420
for specific inquiries.

Facilities and associated services are offered on a fee-for-service basis. Users are charged for all supplies, technical assistance, and equipment used. Estimates are available upon request.

Germ-Free Animal Procurement Rates

Animal Procurement Rates
C57Bl/6 Germ-Free Mice < 8 weeks (per animal) $  85.45 07/01/2023
C57Bl/6 Germ-Free Mice > 8 weeks (per animal) $  115.81 07/01/2023
Swiss-Webster Germ-Free Mice < 8 weeks (per animal) $  73.78 07/01/2023
Swiss-Webster Germ-Free Mice > 8 weeks (per animal) $  81.21 07/01/2023
IL-10KO Germ-Free Mice < 8 weeks (per animal) $  85.45 07/01/2023
IL-10KO Germ-Free Mice > 8 weeks (per animal) $  115.81 07/01/2023
Germ-Free Rates
5-pack fecal kit $  22.47 07/01/2023
10-pack fecal kit $  24.50 07/01/2023
5-pack serum submandibular collection kit $  23.98 07/01/2023
10-pack serum submandibular collection kit Discontinued 07/01/2023
5-pack whole blood submandibular collection kit $  25.00 07/01/2023
10-pack whole blood submandibular collection kit $  30.87 07/01/2023
Injection kit $  21.68 07/01/2023
Germ-Free per diem (per cage/day) $  5.59 07/01/2023
Germ-Free shipper Discontinued 07/01/2023
Gas sterilization – small $  26.97 07/01/2023
Gas sterilization – medium $  23.26 07/01/2023
Gas sterilization – large $  31.87 07/01/2023
Sterile mouse box transport kit $  25.04 07/01/2023
Oral gavage w/ feeding needle kit $  29.29 07/01/2023
Port entry/exit $  27.62 07/01/2023


Rates subject to change.


Contact or (734) 615-9420 for additional information, or to learn more about available services.