Brooke Pallas, DVM, BS

Brooke Pallas, DVM


ULAM Resident

Job Title

Resident, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)


After completing undergraduate training in genomics/molecular genetics and starting veterinary school, Brooke looked for a way to mesh his two professional passions and was led directly to laboratory animal medicine. After his initial exposure to the field by way of a 3-month fellowship within the University of Michigan’s Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine, Brooke became deeply interested in pursuing further training within the specialty. After completing a similar fellowship at the University of Missouri, Brooke gained experience in the methods of genetically modified swine production and became motivated by the close interplay between veterinarians and researchers, and how they worked together for the advancement of science and medical benefit of all species.



Dr. Pallas' research interests include the design, production, and clinical management of genetically modified animals that serve as models of human disease. He also enjoys providing clinical support to laboratories pursuing the development of advanced surgical techniques, and hopes to help accelerate the time between initial discovery and commercialization of novel medical therapies.

Professional Background

  • DVM, Michigan State University, 2017
  • BS (Microbiology / Genomics and Molecular Genetics), Michigan State University, 2013