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Cornerstone Learning Quizzes Unavailable

Cornerstone Learning Quizzes Unavailable

05/26/2023 5:00 pm

Computer screen with Cornerstone Learning Quiz Module and dates for temporary quiz unavailability

Cornerstone Learning โ€“ the learning management system for all animal care and use training classes provided through the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) Training Core โ€“ will be performing a security upgrade to online quiz functionality between Friday, May 26, and Monday, June 5.

Users will still be able to launch assigned ULAM online training in the system, but will be unable to take the quizzes necessary to complete the training and will subsequently receive an error.

Please be proactive and complete online training that has been assigned to you in Cornerstone Learning BEFORE May 26.

If training is assigned to you during the freeze period, you may complete it starting on Tuesday, June 6. This adjusted timeline will be taken into consideration for compliance-related purposes.


Review the Cornerstone Learning announcement for more information

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