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Spring 2024 ULAM Faculty Vet Check-In Meetings Begin

Spring 2024 ULAM Faculty Vet Check-In Meetings Begin

04/22/2024 10:00 am


To help keep the research community apprised of important updates and changes impacting animal care and use at the University of Michigan, ULAM Faculty Veterinarians will be hosting in-person Vet Check-In Meetings in April 2024.

In addition to addressing facility-specific and attendee questions, veterinarians will also discuss several topics of interest, including:

  • How to obtain veterinary care
  • Engaging with veterinarians and veterinary staff for research support –
    • Anesthesia/analgesia consultations
    • Surgical techniques
    • Breeding optimization
    • Clinical necropsies
    • Veterinary technician technical services
  • Ways to remain vigilant – physical safety and security, and communicating responsibly 
  • Resources for participating in GOLD Day on Friday, May 3

No RSVP is required to attend; however, Level-1 U-M login credentials will be required to view the full schedule of all meetings.

At least one member from each lab is encouraged to attend a meeting with the ULAM Faculty Veterinarian who provides care and oversight for the facility where the lab’s animals are housed.


If you have questions or concerns about ULAM Faculty Vet Check-In Meetings, please contact the ULAM Business Office at or (734) 764-0277.

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