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ACU Program, Medical School Office of Research Launch Research A-Z

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The Animal Care & Use (ACU) Program has partnered with the Medical School Office of Research to launch Research A-Z.

In addition to hosting the many varieties of documentation required for biomedical research at the U-M, the website is also home to all animal care and use program documents โ€“ including policies, guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), forms, and informational resources.

Built with ease of use in mind, the Animal Care A-Z website ( offers many features:

  • A quick search of all program documents that can be sorted by topic (e.g., surgery, husbandry, anesthesia and analgesia, etc.), species, and/or document type (policy, guideline, SOP, form, informational)
  • Pre-sorted lists of most recently updated and most viewed documents
  • An enhanced user-interface with color-coded documents, document definitions, standardized formatting, embedded glossary terms, and better integration of charts and images
  • Permanent document hyperlinks that should no longer change or break with system updates or document title changes
  • Seamless integration with the existing Animal Care & Use Program and Medical School Office of Research websites
  • Printer-friendly versions of all documents available at the click of a button
  • Document update banners that tell you when a specific document has been updated, a brief summary of the changes, and how the changes may impact your research

The website can also be personalized by logging in with your Level-1 U-M login credentials.* Once logged in, you can:

We understand that keeping apprised of the latest rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines governing animal care and use can, at times, feel burdensome.

We hope that the tools and resources available via the Animal Care A-Z website will help minimize this burden by simplifying access to the information you need to achieve the highest animal welfare standards in the conduct of your research.

*Note: You may also need to log in to view some animal care and use documents. Access to protected documents requires valid U-M login credentials and listing on a currently approved animal use protocol.

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