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Are Your Equipment Sanitization Processes Validated and Up to Date?


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To help Principal Investigators (PIs) and their labs remain consistent with the guidance for equipment cleaning, sanitization, and testing outlined by the Guide for the Care & Use of Laboratory Animals, the Animal Care & Use Program has an established set of guidelines to formalize the cleaning process for all equipment that does not go to cagewash (i.e., not cleaned by ULAM).

These guidelines are especially relevant for groups who perform their own surgeries or conduct behavioral studies.

As a general rule, labs may use whatever sanitization chemicals and materials they deem appropriate if EACH of the following conditions has been met:

  1. The materials have been discussed with, and approved by, the facility’s ULAM Faculty Veterinarian if they differ from those outlined by the sanitization guidelinesyellow lock icon
  2. Materials are used in accordance with all manufacturer instructions, and
  3. All objects and equipment being cleaned show at least a 90% reduction in Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels once sanitized, as determined by a review of testing results from the ULAM Faculty Veterinarian and Animal Safety Coordinator

Action Items

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  • Labs should email Animal Safety Coordinator Lisa Steiner ( to schedule an in-person consultation and to have their sanitization processes tested and appropriately validated.
  • Questions or concerns about selecting the appropriate disinfectant and/or sanitization testing techniques should be directed to your facility’s ULAM Faculty Veterinarian. If you don’t know your faculty veterinarian, send an email to and your question will be routed to the appropriate contact.

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