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Change to Blue Tabs Used to Identify Single Housed Animals

Facilities Husbandry SOP ULAM

The Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) would like to update all laboratories to a change in the item(s) used to identify singly housed animals.

Due to a supply shortage, the blue tabs typically used to identify singly housed animals in the vivarium (see picture below at left) have become increasingly difficult to order.

ULAM has found a similar product (pictured below at right) that will be used in all animal housing facilities moving forward.

Side-By-Side Comparison

Side-by-side comparison of current and new blue tabs used in the vivarium to identify singly housed animals

The new tabs will be used in accordance with all existing procedures outlined by the Identifying Single Housed Animals SOP. However, in the interest of full transparency, we wanted to alert you to these changes in advance of their implementation.

For more information on how singly housed animals are identified, please refer to Appendix A – Single Housed Additional Animal Enrichment Signage in the SOP on Research A-Z.


Questions or concerns should be directed to your facility’s ULAM Husbandry Supervisorrequires Level-1 U-M login credentials

Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we work to address this issue.

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