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DoD Moves to Single Animal Use Appendix Template for All Protocol Submissions

Federal Regulations & Standards

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) recently announced changes to the formatting of appendices documents submitted for DoD funding via the Animal Care and Use Review Office (ACURO).

Specifically, the Office has moved to a single version of the ACURO Animal Use Appendix (note: clicking on this link will download a PDF version of the new Appendix template)

This change applies to all protocols, regardless of whether fully or partially funded.

A separate Animal Use Appendix must be submitted for EACH protocol. Finally, as an important reminder, no animal studies may be conducted using DoD funds until ACURO approval has been granted.


Contact the Quality Assurance Team in the Animal Care & Use Office at for help with processing animal use protocols and amendments, or for assistance with understanding federal animal care and use rules and regulations.

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