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eRAM Launches Two New Tools for Study Teams


Printer Friendly Animal Use Protocols

eRAM now offers printer friendly versions of all animal use protocols. A frequently requested feature, this update also includes:

  • “Species-centric” versions, which allow readers to see all information for the species as a whole.
  • A massive formatting overhaul that highlights more pertinent protocol details, and makes the protocol easier to read/quickly scan to find important information (note: the new version loads in a slightly different order, so please wait for the spinning section loaders to complete prior to printing).

In preparation for the AAALAC Site Visit, and to ensure that site visitors are able to review protocols on one, standardized template, we ask that ALL Principal Investigators who keep printed copies of their animal use protocols in the laboratory take a moment to replace any old copies with a newly-printed version in the updated format. 

Protocol Funding Letters Now Auto-Generated

Previously, study teams were required to submit a formal request for documentation on the status of their animal use protocol to the Animal Care & Use Office. Now, all funding letters will be auto-generated as part of the eRAM protocol approval process. Letters will be sent as a PDF attachment and included with the Protocol Approval and Funding/PI AME Approval email(s) received by the Principal Investigator and any assigned protocol/laboratory contacts.

The PDF will also be available in eRAM under the Documents tab of the Protocol Workspace. The new funding letter will be applicable to the protocol as a whole and will contain a list of all funding sources, both internal and external. A revised letter will also be generated when a Funding or PI Change Amendment is approved, and will be available under the Documents tab.

Please contact a member of the Quality Assurance Team in the Animal Care & Use Office at [email protected]for assistance with completing or amending an animal use protocol.

A complete list of eRAM updates is available via eRAM’s Bi-Weekly Release Notes page.

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