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Important Update Regarding Transition to Paper-Based Bedding in Rodent Housing Facilities

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We understand that there may be some ongoing confusion regarding the process of transitioning rodents from corn cob (Bed-O’Cobs®) bedding to a recycled paper-based bedding (Pure-O’Cel®) in rodent housing facilities across campus.

The Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) has used this material as an alternative bedding for quite some time in select cases to address animal health issues; it is also used by many research facilities across the United States.

Over the last two years, ULAM has investigated using Pure-O’Cel® as a replacement for corn cob bedding and has found that it has multiple benefits, including:

  1. Decreased early cage changing/frequency of cage entry by ULAM,
  2. Improved cage environmental conditions, and
  3. Increased husbandry efficiency due to decreased changing.

Facility Transitions

In the last calendar year, ULAM has converted two rodent housing facilities across campus from corn cob bedding to Pure-O’Cel® as the standard rodent bedding material. With the understanding that changes in environmental conditions may affect some areas of research, investigators are NOT required to complete the transition.

In each of these facilities, the transition has been announced well ahead of time and laboratories have been encouraged to reach out to their ULAM Faculty Veterinarian to discuss concerns regarding the effect(s) of a bedding change on their animals and/or scientific models.

Laboratories may elect to opt out of using Pure-O’Cel® as their standard bedding.
ULAM may also be able to assist in evaluating potential effects with pilot studies.

At this time, no additional facilities are scheduled to transition to Pure-O’Cel® bedding.
ULAM will continue to evaluate the use of Pure-O’Cel® in the facilities that have already undergone the transition.

Questions or Concerns?

Please know that you will be notified well ahead of time and encouraged to provide feedback prior to the conversion of any additional facilities in the future.

If you have already transitioned to using Pure-O’Cel®, please reach out to your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian to discuss any challenges or concerns so that we can ensure that we address the needs of your animals and your research projects.

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