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New Ways to Connect with the QA Team


Need help solving a problem in your lab? The Quality Assurance (QA) Team is excited to announce TWO new ways for the research community to receive assistance.

Virtual Office Hours

The QA Team will be available for at least three hours each week via the Remote Office Hours Queue: requires Level-1 U-M login credentials

  1. Visit
  2. Log in using your Level-1 U-M login credentials
  3. Search “QA Team”
  4. Click on “Animal Care & Use Office – QA Team Office Hours” to find the team’s updated hours and weekly availability for consultations on Zoom

New to the Remote Office Hours Queue? Learn more here.

Drop-In Lab Visits

The QA Team will also be dropping into different animal research facilities on a regular basis to help troubleshoot any issues, such as administrative or regulatory burden, occurring in your lab and to discuss recent changes in the Animal Care & Use Program.

These are not formally scheduled meetings and attendance is not required. The drop-ins are designed to instill a feeling of high compliance confidence in your lab and are NOT aimed at identifying noncompliance.

We encourage all members of the U-M animal care and use community to let the QA Team know if they have specific questions, comments, or concerns about the ACU Program.

Questions can be submitted via email to the QA Team at, or by contacting a specific QA Specialist

Remember, the QA Team is here to help your lab and to serve as a trusted resource for the U-M research community!

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