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On-Demand Resources from Spring 2023 ULAM Faculty Vet Check-In Meetings Now Available


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To help keep the research community apprised of important updates and changes impacting animal care and use at the University of Michigan, ULAM Faculty Veterinarians hosted virtual Vet Check-In Meetings in April and May 2023. 

If you were unable to attend a meeting and would like to learn more about what was discussed, meeting resources are now available to review and download.

Discussion topics included:

  • AAALAC 2023 Site Visit preparations: what to expect and how to prepare
  • Changes to expired drugs, materials, and substances policy
  • Update on ULAM activities
  • Rodent Surgical records

Meeting slides, which include embedded hyperlinks for quick access to additional content, are available via U-M Dropbox (or paste into your web browser) requires Level-1 U-M login credentials using valid Level-1 U-M login credentials.

Meeting Overview

A 37-minute recording of one meeting is also available hererequires Level-1 U-M login credentials. The recording will be available for viewing through June 19th, 2023.

Recording Timestamps




Introduction & Brief Overview


Update on ULAM


Veterinary Assistance


Husbandry Questions


Clinical Cases and Charges


Drug Updates


Xylazine Concentration Changes


Containment SOP Updates


AAALAC 2023 Site Visit


Expired Substances


Common Errors on Surgical Records


Please reach out to your facility’s ULAM Faculty Veterinarian with additional questions or concerns about any of the topics above. A discussion with your veterinarian can also help optimize many different aspects of your research, including:

  • Facility and/or project-specific questions
  • Anesthesia protocols
  • Proper analgesia
  • Proper use of antibiotics or other adjunctive drugs
  • Surgical techniques

If you don’t know your faculty veterinarian, send an email to and your question will be routed appropriately.

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