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PIs and Laboratory Contacts: Know What Training is Due for Your Protocol

eRAM Training

Principal Investigators and Laboratory Contacts can easily monitor IACUC training requirements for their laboratory personnel. Training reports in eRAM may be viewed, downloaded, or printed, and are updated daily (overnight).

Where to Find Protocol Training Reports

  • Log in to eRAM
  • View your protocol
  • Choose β€œMore…”, then “Training” Tab in protocol workspace (as shown above)
  • Select the “Training Report” button to run the report

When to Run Training Reports

Changes to the personnel and animal handling details of your protocol may change IACUC required training due for the protocol. Incomplete required training will delay amendment and protocol approvals from the Animal Care & Use Office.

As a suggested best practice, we recommend running a protocol training report:

  • When new personnel join the laboratory
  • When animal handling details change (e.g., handling a new species, performing surgery, or handling hazards)
  • Before submitting a new amendment
  • Before submitting a new protocol
  • Before a protocol is due for renewal

If you have any questions about training, or running Protocol Training Reports, please contact the ULAM Training Core at or (734) 763-8039.

A Reminder to Remove Exited Personnel from Protocols

Person icon with reminder to run Protocol Training Reports

IACUC required training is based on the roles and responsibilities designated in a person’s handling details. If an individual has left your laboratory or the university, they will continue to receive ULAM training assignments and system-generated emails until they are removed from your protocol.

Please remove any personnel who no longer work in your laboratory from your IACUC approved protocol. This will prevent issues that may arise with personnel training non-compliance on the protocol and eliminate system-generated training notifications.

Note that the Principal Investigator or Protocol Editor may create a Personnel Amendment, but ONLY the PI may submit the amendment. Instructions on how to remove personnel via amendment are available in this Create an Amendment in eRAM Help Document.


Questions regarding protocol procedures and IACUC training requirements should be directed to the Animal Care & Use Office at or (734) 763-8028.

General training questions should be directed to the ULAM Training Core via email or phone at (734) 763-8039. 

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