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Tips & Tricks for Managing Shortcodes in eRAM


Desktop computer screen showing eRAM Adding a Shortcode Manager Instructions

Shortcode management in eRAM is critical for ensuring that the correct shortcodes are appropriately charged for Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) activity. The “Shortcode Manager” role in eRAM can be assigned to individuals so they can assist with the administrative management of shortcodes.

The Principal Investigator (PI) or individuals already designated as a Shortcode Manager can assign others the Shortcode Manager role. ONLY PIs and Shortcode Managers are authorized to make changes to the shortcodes assigned to a protocol within eRAM.

Updating Shortcodes on Active Cage Cards

Remember, after a shortcode is updated in eRAM, it is necessary to cross out the old shortcode on active cage cards and write in the new one. It is NOT recommended that new barcode labels or cage cards be requested to replace active cage cards.

If breeding sheets are needed for future cages, please return all old sheets and order new breeding sheets with the new shortcode. Failure to update shortcodes on cage cards can result in accidental billing of incorrect shortcodes. Breeding sheets can be requested via an approved protocol’s workspace in eRAM.

Where to Find More Information

See the eRAM instructions for a description of the steps required to complete the process for adding a Shortcode Manager to your active protocol(s).

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