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Jonah D. Lee BS, MS, PhD headshot

Jonah D. Lee BS, MS, PhD

Senior Associate Director, Animal Care & Use Office

Program Leadership

Animal Care & Use Office (ACUO)

(734) 763-4205


As the Senior Associate Director for the Animal Care & Use Office (ACUO), Dr. Lee brings experience and a proven track record in the biomedical sciences and academic research administration to provide thought leadership, program oversight, and process optimization with specific attention to researcher/user-experience coordination across the Animal Care & Use Program.

In collaboration with other U-M research administrative departments and academic department leadership, Dr. Lee is charged with the strategic development of research engagement infrastructure and resource support.

Dr. Lee has an extensive background in the life sciences, where his research focus involves stem cell biology and regenerative medicine in aging skeletal muscle. Along with his postdoctoral research at the Center for Muscle Biology at the University of Kentucky, and his work at U-M, his animal research experience includes considerable diversity in both small and large animal models across multi-departmental, federally-funded research projects.


Exercise Metabolism, Muscle Protein Synthesis, Stem Cell Biology, Orthopedic Surgery, Aging Muscle, Biomedical Tissue Engineering

Professional Background

  • PhD (Human Bioenergetics), Ball State University
  • MS (Pediatric Exercise Science), Ball State University
  • BS (Human Physiology), University of Oregon

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