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Patrick A. Lester, DVM, MS, DACLAM headshot

Patrick A. Lester, DVM, MS, DACLAM

Clinical Professor, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)

Director, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine Veterinary Externship Program

Faculty Veterinarian, ULAM Faculty

Refinement & Enrichment Advancements Laboratory (REAL), Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)


Dr. Lester received his veterinary degree from Colorado State University, where he also completed an anesthesia internship and received a Master of Clinical Science degree. He completed a residency in Comparative Medicine at the University of Michigan. In addition to his role as a Faculty Veterinarian in the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM), Dr. Lester is also the Director of the ULAM Veterinary Externship Program.


Dr. Lester’s clinical and research interests include anesthesia and analgesia, vascular biology and anticoagulation, pharmacokinetic modeling, pharmaceutical compounding, and regulatory compliance.

Professional Background

  • DVM, Colorado State University, 1998
  • MS, Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University, 2000
  • Diplomate, American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, 2011


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