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Renee McUmber headshot

Renee McUmber, BS, RLATG

Assistant Manager, Husbandry Services

Husbandry Leadership

Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)


As Assistant Manager of Husbandry Services, Renee is responsible for aiding the Animal Husbandry Management Team with the day-to-day operations of numerous animal care facilities, including assistance with animal housing, shipping, and transport services; facility and equipment maintenance; monitoring of cage/room environmental conditions; and general oversight of the standards of care for all animals housed on campus.

Professional Background

Ms. McUmber has been a dedicated member of the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine since 2008. Prior to serving as Assistant Manager, Renee held positions with the University as an Animal Technician, Breeding Colony Manager, and Animal Care Supervisor.

Ms. McUmber received her Bachelor of Science in Zoology โ€“ Animal Behavior and Neurobiology from Michigan State University.

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