New Resources to Promote Responsible Use of Drugs and Other Medical Materials

April 18, 2023

NEW banner with medical materials and drugs iconsThe appropriate use of drugs and other medical materials – fluids, vehicles, biologics, and drugs – is critical for protecting animal welfare, ensuring the validity of your results, and avoiding incidents of non-compliance.

Given the seriousness of these concerns, recent updates to several programmatic documents, and an analysis of areas identified for continued refinement through semi-annual IACUC facility inspections, all personnel who handle or work with animals should review the following to assist with continued education and compliance:

  • Quick Reference Sheet: Monitoring Expired Drugs & Medical Materials yellow lock icon – This newly updated, printable quick reference sheet provides suggestions and best practices for developing a system to monitor expired materials in your laboratory.

  • First Annual GOLD Day – Happening on Friday, May 5, 2023, GOLD Day is a unique opportunity for laboratories to set aside dedicated time for personnel to Go Organize, Label, and Dispose of drugs, medical materials, surgical supplies, and other substances administered to – or used in – ANY animal procedure. Learn about how to get involved and find GOLD Day resources on the GOLD Day webpage.

  • Policy on the Use of Expired Drugs and Medical Materials – The revised policy, which went into effect on January 1, 2023, outlines expectations for the appropriate use and storage of expired drugs and medical materials in animal activities.

  • Guidelines on the Preparation, Storage and Expiration of Injectable Medications – Have been recently updated to provide specific examples (see Appendix B) of appropriate labeling for several of the most used medications in laboratory animal medicine.

  • Build Your AAALAC Blueprint yellow lock icon – A new tool that allows you to customize your AAALAC preparation path by selecting specific topics of interest (including Labeling, Storage, and Use of Drugs and Other Medical Materials) to receive a custom curated list of recommended resources to focus your efforts.

How Can We Help?

We understand that staying apprised of changes to the myriad policies and guidelines governing responsible animal care and use may, at times, feel cumbersome.

Please let us know what questions you have about the appropriate use, labeling, and storage of drugs and other medical materials in animal activities:

Your feedback will help us develop additional tools and resources to further support the U-M research community in safeguarding animal welfare and conducting responsible research.

Have Additional Questions?

  • Contact the Quality Assurance Team in the Animal Care & Use Office ( for assistance with establishing a system to monitor for expired drugs and other medical materials in your lab.
  • Reach out to your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian for specific questions about the proper use of drugs and other medical materials in animals.

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