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Additional Tools to Support the Responsible Use of Drugs, Substances, and Other Agents in Animal Studies

The Animal Care & Use Program has created three new tools to assist the U-M research community with navigating the many nuanced requirements for the proper administration and use of medical materials, drugs, agents, and other substances in animal studies: These tools are designed to complement existing resources such as the Quick Reference Sheet: Monitoring ...
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Controlled Substances Drugs Guidelines IACUC Policies

Revised Policies, Guidelines Clarify Expectations for the Use of Expired Drugs and Medical Materials in Animals

We know that you rely on us – your Animal Care & Use Program partners – to provide the tools and resources necessary for safeguarding animal welfare while conducting sound scientific research. While it is clear that the administration and/or use of expired drugs and other substances can endanger animal health and compromise the validity ...
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Ethiqa XR® Broached Vial Usage Extended to 90 Days

Fidelis Pharmaceuticals, the company that produces Ethiqa XR®, the first FDA-indexed extended-release buprenorphine formulation specifically for mice and rats, recently announced a change to the drug’s storage requirements. After extensive in-house studies and testing to collect sufficient efficacy data, the company has extended the drug’s storage and use to 90 days post vial broach. Previously, ...
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Controlled Substances Drugs

Update on Ongoing Nationwide Ketamine Shortage

**December 2023 Update** The Central B2 Pharmacy has ended its Ketamine order restriction for research studies – including all projects involving animals. Study Teams may also continue to purchase Ketamine through U-M approved external vendors. If you have any questions, please contact the U-M Controlled Substances Monitoring Program at A nationwide shortage of the ...
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Urgent Notice: Standard Xyzaline Concentration No Longer Available

We have recently learned that the standard concentration of xylazine (20 mg/ml x 20 ml vial – Ana-Sed) used by many U-M laboratories for sedation/anesthesia is no longer available. This specific formulation was manufactured by a supplier (Akorn Pharmaceuticals) that has recently gone out of business and, as such, the product has been discontinued. Currently, there ...
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Controlled Substances Drugs Guidelines IACUC Policies

New Resources to Promote Responsible Use of Drugs and Other Medical Materials

The appropriate use of drugs and other medical materials – fluids, vehicles, biologics, and drugs – is critical for protecting animal welfare, ensuring the validity of your results, and avoiding incidents of non-compliance. Given the seriousness of these concerns, recent updates to several programmatic documents, and an analysis of areas identified for continued refinement through ...
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Controlled Substances Drugs

Ordering Ketamine for Use in Animals

Recently, shortages of the anesthetic drug Ketamine have been reported in human medicine. Thus far, supplies manufactured specifically for use in veterinary animal care have NOT been impacted. As a result of shortages in the human drug, the Michigan Medicine B2 Pharmacy is currently limiting the distribution of Ketamine to animal users. Study Teams needing ...
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Controlled Substances Drugs Guidelines Policies

GOLD Day Coming this May

The administration and/or use of expired drugs and other substances not only endangers animal welfare but could also compromise the validity of your results. Given the seriousness of these concerns and the potential for resulting non-compliance, the Animal Care & Use Program is announcing the first annual GOLD Day. Happening on Friday, May 5, 2023, ...
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Lessons Learned from Fall 2022 Semi-Annual Facility Inspections

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) completed its latest round of semi-annual facility inspections in mid-September. These inspections are one of the most important tools we have for routinely assessing programmatic strengths and identifying areas for individual and collective improvement(s) in service to the animals entrusted to our care. Through this lens of ...
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