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Ordering Ketamine for Use in Animals

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Notice icon about human drug shortages of Ketamine that may impact animal users

Recently, shortages of the anesthetic drug Ketamine have been reported in human medicine. Thus far, supplies manufactured specifically for use in veterinary animal care have NOT been impacted.

As a result of shortages in the human drug, the Michigan Medicine B2 Pharmacy is currently limiting the distribution of Ketamine to animal users. Study Teams needing to order Ketamine during this time are encouraged to reach out to the U-Mโ€™s approved vendor, MWI Animal Health, to purchase supplies.

To order through MWI:

  • Request a username and password on the MWI website ( to view products, availability, and pricing.
  • Contact the ULAM Business Office at or (734) 764-0277 to obtain U-Mโ€™s account number prior to placing an order.
  • Labs must have an active DEA license and use their individual DEA license number when placing orders.


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