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Ethiqa XR® Broached Vial Usage Extended to 90 Days

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Medicine vial labeled with 90 day expiration sticker

Fidelis Pharmaceuticals, the company that produces Ethiqa XR®, the first FDA-indexed extended-release buprenorphine formulation specifically for mice and rats, recently announced a change to the drug’s storage requirements.

After extensive in-house studies and testing to collect sufficient efficacy data, the company has extended the drug’s storage and use to 90 days post vial broach. Previously, the usage period for broached vials was 56 days.

This change should be reflected on newly purchased Ethiqa XR® within the coming months. Effective immediately, the manufacturer has also advised that bottles already in distribution and labeled with the 56-day expiration date may be used up to the extended 90-day limit.

Important Dosing Reminder

Please consult with your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian and ULAM Husbandry Supervisorrequires Level-1 U-M login credentialsPRIOR TO dosing any animal with Ethiqa XR®. Due to a high incidence of pica, which could cause serious animal health issues, rats given this drug must be housed on paper bedding for 72 hours post-injection.


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